Bamboo baby cutlery 12m+ - Bambu

  • Bamboo baby cutlery 12m+ - Bambu
Expected delivery time: 1-2 Workdays

Bamboo baby cutlery 12m + - Bambu

This bamboo baby cutlery is an ideal set for your child to discover for yourself and learn to eat with a spoon and fork!

This spoon and fork from Bambu is a specially designed for babies and toddlers. Thanks to this design, it is easy for your child to hold the baby cutlery and eat it yourself. Ideal to use at home, but also useful for the reception or at school.

This children's cutlery from Bambu is suitable for babies from 12 months.

Contents: 1 baby cutlery, a spoon and a fork.
Size: 11 cm

Organic linseed oil

The fork and spoon is made from a piece of organic bamboo and finished with organic linseed oil. No glue or varnish has been used for this cutlery!

Cleaning bamboo baby cutlery

This cutlery is easy to clean under the tap with a warm soapy water, rinse well and then let it dry well.

Pay attention:
  • Not suitable for the dishwasher or for soaking.
  • Not suitable for the microwave.
  • Not intended to bite.