Teething toys

Gripping and teething toys

Gripping and teething toys

Babies like to stop everything in their mouths, with the teeth coming through and to satisfy their need for stimuli in the mouth. It is therefore very important that their toys are safe and that there is no question of toxic substances such as BPA, PVC or flalates.

To offer gripping and bite toys is very nice and important for your baby. This way you meet the need for chewing and stimulation in the baby's mouth.

Oral phase

Learning and discovering babies do especially with their mouth, the oral phase.
This phase is a very important phase in their development, as it is a start to the I-awareness. During the oral phase babies have an enormous need for stimuli in the mouth, this is why they like to put everything in their mouths.

Through teeth

When babies get teeth, they also find it very pleasant to chew. This chewing masses the gums and softens the pain.