Halfway extension set WayToPlay

  • Halfway extension set WayToPlay
  • Halfway extension set WayToPlay
  • Halfway extension set WayToPlay
  • Halfway extension set WayToPlay
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Halfway Extension Set WayToPlay

This great Halfway extension set contains eight road parts : four curves, two straight sections printed with parking kiss & ride, parkings for emergency services, a newly designed cross section and a connecting piece. With the newly designed cross section 'the missing link' you can now create a fantastic loop in your waytoplay road set.

Both Sides printed

The waytoplay road parts are printed on both sides. Put them between or beside your waytoplay roads for even more fun. You expand your waytoplay motorway with eight road parts or combine two of these sets to make a full circle.

About WayToPlay

Waytoplay is a fantastic highway made of flexible rubber web parts. The flexible road sections make this motorway unique! All road sections can be linked together as puzzle pieces and form a new route each time. In addition, all track components can be used on different surfaces because they are made of flexible rubber. A threshold here or there is no problem! The road forms to the ground where the highway is placed and because it is made of rubber, the cars never get into a slip. Hardwearing, sturdy and suitable for indoors and outdoors!

Cleaning job parts

The web components can easily be cleaned by means of a damp cloth or with a soapy water under the tap.

Content extension set

WayToPlay Halfway extension set:
  • 4 Curves
  • 1 straight sections
  • 1 parking lot
  • 1 cross section
  • 1 connection piece

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Item number: 201669