Squeasy Snacker sports squeeze bottle

  • Squeasy Snacker sports squeeze bottle
  • Squeasy Snacker sports squeeze bottle
  • Squeasy Snacker sports squeeze bottle
  • Squeasy Snacker sports squeeze bottle
  • Squeasy Snacker sports squeeze bottle
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Squeasy Snacker Sport Squeeze Bottle 480ml - Pink - Aqua - Gray

Squeasy Snacker sports squeeze bottle of the Squeasy Gear brand is a versatile bottle that you use as a squeeze bag or bottle of bottles. Anti-leak and easy to clean. All Squeasy Gear products are made of 100% safe silicone and the polypropylene caps. Free of harmful substances such as BPA. Use the bottle during sports, lunch or as a snack!

Contents: 1 squeeze bottle of 480ml
Available in 3 different colors; pink, aqua and gray.

Versatile bottle

The bottle is anti-leak and thanks to the removable anti-leak valve you can choose between anti-leak or free flow. Use the squeeze bottle for thicker liquids such as squeezed fruit, smoothies, yogurt or as a bottle for thin liquids such as water or juice. In the summer you will also make delicious slush puppy with this reusable squeeze bottle. Everything is possible!

Easy to fill and clean.

Filling the Squeasy Snacker is very easy because it has a wide opening, and the bottle is on its own. It's easy to hold, open and close. Filling has never been so easy! The reusable squeeze bottle is easy to clean with a soup or put the Squeasy Snacker in the dishwasher. The bottle can even be turned inside out.

Ideal for on the road

The squeeze bottle is anti-leakage and therefore you do not have any mess and mess more. This thanks to the anti-leakage valve and anti-leakage cap. No waste during use and no leakage on the way in the bag! Ideal for traveling, school, work, sports club, shelter or just for home!

Advantages Squeasy Snacker sports squeeze bottle

  • Made of 100% food safe silicone and the cap is made of polypropylene.
  • 100% safe
  • It does not contain BPA, phthalates or PVC.
  • Reusable time after time
  • Suitable for the dishwashing upper rack
  • Suitable for the freezer
  • Easy to fill
  • Easy to clean
  • Suitable for thin and thicker liquids
  • Anti-leak valve and cap
  • Fall and impact resistant
  • Can stand up
This reusable squeeze bottle can be used time after time. In short, a reusable packing bag that is truly environmentally friendly and durable!

The Squeasy snacker sport squeeze bottle 480ml is available in 3 colors; pink, aqua and gray, make a choice when ordering.

Also available in 104ml and 180ml.

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