As a midwife and mother-of-five, Elizabeth knows babies! Born in the United States, trained in midwifery and teacher for handicapped children, her career has taken her to many countries and different positions, always centred around education and the mother/child bond.
Very attentive to the needs of children and women, Elizabeth has worked to create an association in Turkey, Bursa International Women's Association , to bring together Turkish and foreign women for educational and charitable projects. Elizabeth discovered reusable food pouches during a visit to the USA. She loved the idea and decided to bring this idea to France. Squiz was born!
Nicolas is the co-founcer. this engineer by profession took the leap in January 2014 and resigned from his job to join Squiz's ecological cause.

How to use

1 - Open it

2 - Fill it

3 - Close it

4 - Bon appetit!







Hygiene and durability

The bag is easy to fill and clean, thanks to its large opening, for a perfect hygiene. At the bottom the double zipper ensures perfect closure. Simply close the bag by pressing with your fingers on the double zipper, which prevents the content ends up in your bag. Squiz is made of very strong plastic, made ​​up of three different layers. Thats why squiz can be reused for approximately 50 times without any risc that squiz will tear up.

For parents

An all-in-one accessory that can keep your snacks, warm, take and eat. Squiz safes time. Everything has been thought to the smallest detail to make your life easier: a place to write down the recipe and preparation date with a washable marker; a transparent section to easily view the contents.

Safe time and money

Squiz is not only for parent who like to prepare self their food. Parents with a busy schedule can also fill the squize baggs with fruitpurée, yoghurt or purée from the supermarket. Everyone has their own reason (ecological, economical, nutritious) to use Squiz in everyday family life! Ecologically and ethically from A to Z.

Ecological footprint

Squiz tries as much as possible to minimizes the impact on the environment. Everything is therefore produced and packed close to home. With this we avoid polluting transport.


The squeeze bags are packaged in a pouch which itself is reusable. This is entirely manufactured in France with recyclable polypropylene plastic, a green alternative to PVC.
European materials - Produced in Switzerland - Packaged in France

3 Squiz = 150 disposable squeeze bags