Wobbel transparent lacquer with felt mint

  • Wobbel transparent lacquer with felt mint
  • Wobbel transparent lacquer with felt mint
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Wobbel transparent lacquer felt green

This beautiful Wobbel transparent lacquer with felt green:
  • Sturdy (can have up to 200 kg)
  • Stimulates the fantasy
  • Stimulates balance and balance
  • Seduces to exercise and play in the house
  • Is for young and old
  • Play along with your child and get fit
  • Is beautiful in the house
  • Available in different colors (see below the text)
  • Is CE marked as safe toy
  • Completely made of natural materials

Delivery and shipping costs

Order this Wobbel transparent lacquer felt mint on a working day before 16:00, if in stock, then your Wobbel Original clear varnished felt green will be send the same day, without shipping costs!

About Wobbel

The Wobbel finds its origin in the Waldorf schools. With the Wobbel we present this classic balance board in a modern design and contemporary editions. Wobbel: The wooden toy that moves young and old.


The Wobbel stimulates balance and strength during play and use. In a playful way, but very efficiently, it supports physical awareness and balance. When using it as a training device, specific muscle groups can be isolated, while other exercises train big muscle groups. This goes for (young) children, adults and even the elderly.


Next to its development capabilities the Wobbel is inspiring because of its impressive but undefined curved shape. This shape stimulates creativity which makes it, like a Barbapappa, everything a child imagines.

Peace and quiet

In our own experience the Wobbel works like a magnet on children. Not only for exuberant and playful games (together as well), but also for quiet moments and individual play.


The Wobbel is made with many layers of the best European beech wood (FSC), which are stacked and pressed under high pressure, and has a uniquely designed curve. There are several color options and can be fitted with natural wool felt or natural cork. The Wobbel is because of its shape and looks the only toy that doesn't need to be put away after playing with it. It looks great in every living room. It is designed for indoor use, but can be used outside with sufficient care.


Children are open minded and keep finding new uses for the Wobbel. It's an ideal step in for example the kitchen, so children can wash their own hands without help and bake cookies of course.

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